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Rhoda B. Miller


ATA-certified French to English translator

(corporate communications, international development, finance, law, political science)

I hold a BA (with distinction) and an MA in French Language and Literature from George Washington University. I studied at the Georgetown University Language Institute and attended the University of Dijon as a Fulbright Scholar.

I have worked as a university instructor in French and translation, a program coordinator and translator/interpreter for an aid agency in West Africa, and a conference interpreter. I do well-researched translations that reflect not only the meaning but the tone and context of the original. As a skilled writer and a precise editor, I have a keen eye for syntax and a smooth, readable style.

I am a fellow translator/colleague of Rhoda’s. We were part of a 3-person team working for a major financial translation agency on a press release of around 2,000 words a day for a major French company. Rhoda and another translator took turns doing the translation from French to English, and I was the editor. This job went on for nearly 10 years. She is prompt and totally reliable. We communicated very well as a team, batting suggestions to and fro to achieve a top-notch translation. I, though, was the one who learned from Rhoda. I learned more about translating by reading Rhoda’s excellent work than I ever did doing a language degree. She has a gift for using just the right word and imbuing the text with just the right tone. I highly recommend her. 

Certified translator/editor

My Recent Translation Projects

Weekly newsletter on developments in the oil industry for a major French oil company

Materials for a series of integrated rural development projects in Niger, Burkina Faso and Mali

Reports on the health ministries of African countries implementing a global immunization program

A book on contemporary Chinese politics, economics and society (subsidy from France’s Centre National du Livre)

Registration document for an SEC filing by a French financial services company

Court ruling on mutual international assistance in criminal matters